New education program,K-12 , key to a Better Philippines !!!

There were deliberations and controversies before the government decided that Filipinos, particularly the youths, needed universal Kindergarten and two more years of secondary education. But how effective K to 12 program is? What factor affect the students to choose the track they take? The new system that implements grade 11 and 12 offers opportunities for students and their parents, specifically access to a government tuition subsidy offered through the Senior High School Voucher program. This school year, Fort Bonifacio High School opened Senior High School which offers ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and Tech-Voc (which includes bread and pastry, cookery and electricity). 280 students are now undergoing two more years of secondary school in FBHS before they can be accepted into institutions of higher learning. Among the critics of K to 12 are students who have families that fell financially burdened by the additional years. They believe that these will merely repeat what has already been taught in the first four years of high school. Well, the government argues that K to 12 can be seen as an investment in preparing students for competition for jobs. On the other hand, students who support the program point out that people from countries with longer high school years tend to have an edge in landing jobs overseas. For them, K to 12 aims to make the Philippines at far with these countries and this is meant to enhance secondary education and improve Filipino’s academic performance and job competitiveness globally. Obviously, uncertainties about the cost of educating one’s children is the top concerns of many Filipinos. With the help of the government, parents can apply for financial assistance to secure their children’s future and provide their children with educational opportunities that will equip them for a life of independence and self-attainment. Some of the students honestly said that their parents will and choice led them to their track. But majority said that their own will, interests, talents, skills and goals are the principal reasons why they chose the track they are taking right now. For they believe that K to 12 is the key to success for the hope of our nation, youths.