New education program,K-12 , key to a Better Philippines !!!

There were deliberations and controversies before the government decided that Filipinos, particularly the youths, needed universal Kindergarten and two more years of secondary education. But how effective K to 12 program is? What factor affect the students to choose the track they take? The new system that implements grade 11 and 12 offers opportunities for students and their parents, specifically access to a government tuition subsidy offered through the Senior High School Voucher program. This school year, Fort Bonifacio High School opened Senior High School which offers ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and Tech-Voc (which includes bread and pastry, cookery and electricity). 280 students are now undergoing two more years of secondary school in FBHS before they can be accepted into institutions of higher learning. Among the critics of K to 12 are students who have families that fell financially burdened by the additional years. They believe that these will merely repeat what has already been taught in the first four years of high school. Well, the government argues that K to 12 can be seen as an investment in preparing students for competition for jobs. On the other hand, students who support the program point out that people from countries with longer high school years tend to have an edge in landing jobs overseas. For them, K to 12 aims to make the Philippines at far with these countries and this is meant to enhance secondary education and improve Filipino’s academic performance and job competitiveness globally. Obviously, uncertainties about the cost of educating one’s children is the top concerns of many Filipinos. With the help of the government, parents can apply for financial assistance to secure their children’s future and provide their children with educational opportunities that will equip them for a life of independence and self-attainment. Some of the students honestly said that their parents will and choice led them to their track. But majority said that their own will, interests, talents, skills and goals are the principal reasons why they chose the track they are taking right now. For they believe that K to 12 is the key to success for the hope of our nation, youths.

New 2018 Giveaways Mobile Legends Bang Bang Free Diamonds

Mobile Legends New Free Diamonds 2018 Giveaways
Mobile Legends New Free Diamonds 2018 Giveaways

Good Day to everyone, right now we already have a great number of users for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It always become famous nowadays, you will see a lot of your friends on facebook or Instagram or any social media regarding on their game. They created a screenshot and they will post it if they win, but if now they will just be on silence. Of course they are scared to be bashed on their accounts. I got curious on this game, I have a lot of friends sharing their game on facebook. So one day, I try to download and install it on my phone. So it is like Dota or LOL . Good thing is you can play it with your mobile phone only, and it is really handy so you don’t need to have a computer to play it just a mobile phone or tablet and you can now rock the game. It is really easy to play unlike the Dota , you can deny some creeps or heroes but on this game , you just need to attack. Same strategy on the other games. One of the features of this game is you can invite your friends and play it with your  friends , you can build 5 friends and you can play even you are far away on each. I fell in love on this game , I always purchase some diamonds for mobile legends cause I really like the stickers for the game. I always spend on this game , like on the clash of clans , I always purchase the gems on it. One day , I try to search if there will be like a giveaways for the game , cause I already spend a lot of money on this game. I try a lot of website and after like 2 hours of searching , I found one website that providing mobile legends free diamonds. You just need to enter your username and it will ask for how much diamonds you want to receive, so I follow the instructions and got the diamonds within 2-3 minutes. Thanks for this site.

How to Get Mobile Legends Free Diamonds 2018 Working Hot

Mobile Legends Free Diamonds 2018
Mobile Legends Free Diamonds 2018

Everyone is thinking if there is still a way where we can get a Mobile Legends Free Diamonds 2018. I am really fan of this game and already addicted to it. Mobile Legends is really nice game for me it is a great bonding with my friends and sometimes we founds some new friends and we can play it anytime and anywhere. We can invite them to join the party. I still remember when we have an overnight at our house and we are drinking some beer, we play like a straight 5 games and we always win. We can easily tell everyone what will be the plan and what lane are we going to push. We are addicted in buying gems for some additional skin cause it is really great to see it with your phone when playing the game. So we spend a lot of money and one day , I am thinking if there will be a way where we can get some free diamonds. I try to search it online if that is possible and there are a lot of websites that will tell you that you can get a free diamonds once you go to their website. I try a lot of website and all of them are scam and nothing happens after you enter your username . Some of the website will ask you to enter the password and I just ignore it since it is really clear that it is a scam and you will lost for sure your account if you will enter any credentials for your mobile legends account. So one more try to check if this will work on another website, after checking the instruction on the website and follow it. It is really clear that it is not a scam cause it will not any credentials for your account and you don’t need to pay for the diamonds. So I follow the instruction and got the free diamonds in just 5 minutes without paying the diamonds. You can share this with your friends so that they can get the free gems while its still hot and working.

Working Mobile Legends Hack New December 2017

Using our generator is simple, just click on the amount of challenge tips and diamonds you want and click on the generate button.
You’ll be asked to go into your email, in game name or username, and choose the system for your mobile device. It really is either iOS or google android, then struck continue.
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You’ll be presented a set of game titles or applications that you’ll require to down load on your mobile device. They are free video games and applications that may be found officially on the Yahoo Playstore and Apple appstore so don’t stress if you believe they contain computer virus and similar products. They are simply 100% clean. Once downloaded, you have to perform this iphone app or game for at least 30 a few moments.
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Get Mobile Legends Hack Tool Online No Survey 2017 Free

mobile legends hack tool online no survey
mobile legends hack tool online no survey

I always see a lot of people playing the game mobile legends, once I see a group of people playing their mobile phone , I always think that it will be a Mobile Legends. It is a really great mobile game , you can select if you want to have a HD for your mobile phone to enjoy the cool graphics. I am really curious about this game since it always appear on my facebook , I give a try to check how it works. I download and install it on my tablet. It is like a Dota or LOL , so if you are familiar with this game you will easily get the mechanics of the game. You need to destroy the opponents base and kill heroes. There is a features also for automatic last hit , so you don’t need to stop your hero from attacking to get the last hit and you will always get the money from killing troops.  I like the way how it works and always love to hunt on the map to kill and get lots of money. On this game you need to unlock the other heroes for you to be able to use them unlike on the other game it is already unlocked. I am just a normal student so I don’t have much money to buy diamonds for mobile legends. So i try to check on facebook for mobile legends hack tool online no survey. The good things are there a lot of hack available online and you don’t need to download the software you can generate it online. I am still newbie on this game and they are wondering how i unlock the other heroes did I purchase it for gems or a tricks. I just tell them that I borrow my dad’s credit card. this is the best mobile legends hack tool online no survey.

Best Clash Royale Hack 2017 For You

clash royale hack 2017
clash royale hack 2017

Hello , Clash Royale Clashers. Today is a new day and everyone is busy playing games on their mobile phone to relax them from work, job and other things.  I am a busy at work and when I went home always tired and I just play this game to relief my stress from very tiring work. I think I am playing this game for 8 months and I still love playing the game even there is a new games on mobile phone, I still choose this game since I am a fan of super cell developers. Clash royale is just like the clash of clans , it is a strategic game where you will be able to fight with the other people and just need to build a great attack and offense on the game. When i get bored and something comes to my mind, I search for the free gems in Clash Royale, I know that I will always see a lot of spammers and scammers. I try to check it one by one but I did not try the website that it is asking for the user name and the password for the account , I know that it is really trying to hack my account so I just close their website and try to check the other one. After giving a lot of tries for the website that I have search on the internet , I have successfully found that will just ask for your username and they will try to search the account to provide the freebies from their site. It is came from their sponsors that is why they can give clash royale free gems without anything, maybe there is an ads on the website so that will be the exchange for that. I think this is the only working website that will give you like this. You can share this clash royale cheats for free.

Get Super Mario Run Coins Freebies Hack

Get Super Mario Run Coins Freebies Hack

Super Mario Run Freebies
Super Mario Run Freebies

Today there is a new game come out in the internet. The Super Mario Run . It is really famous game since it is a mario. I really miss when I was a kid playing the game of super mario on our family computer. It is really old school, sometimes the joystick is not working anymore after a month because I am really addicted on it playing also some other games. I really miss also the super mario where you can fly and just bypass the enemies on the ground. But you just need to be careful cause there is also an enemy on the skies. I really know a lot of tricks in super mario. Do you still remember that you can a hundred life when jump in the turtle continuously. I always do that so even I got die , I can still go back on the last check point. The technology now is really powerful. They upgrade from family computer or good boy console to the play station one and continue to upgrade it. When I got my play station portable , I found that there is also an application where you can download and play the game on your play station portable even it is really old game. They called it an emulator. They use it to play on the PSP , you can play also the games that you have played from the game boy and download it on PSP. Right now they release the new version of Super Mario which is the Super Mario Run . You can just download it on your mobile phone , even if you are using your android or iphone , you can still play on it. I just downloaded it last month, and it is really nice game. Really miss the game, and want to be a kid again so that you don’t need to worry anything , and just keep on playing.


Pokemon Go Zodiac Sign Freebies

Pokemon Go Freebies 2016
Pokemon Go Freebies 2016

Hello Pokemon Go Trainers , today I will share a a cute picture that will provide you your Zodiac Sign in Pokemon World. I know a lot of you are a Pokemon Go fanatics or addicted on this game , some of the players uses their power bank to play the pokemon go for whole day, I really amazed for those people who is chubby and keeps playing the game by walking sometimes I see them running , they play it seriously. I understand that this will be a good exercise for everyone , cause you really need to move so that your character will move too, you can just walk but if there are a lots of pokemon hunters  , you need to go on that first for you to be able to hunt the pokemon , I really suggest that you need to have enough pokeballs in just case some of the pokemons is really hard to hunt or catch and maybe when you don’t have anymore pokeballs , the other hunters will be able to catch the pokemon that you we’re hunting. Actually I have a friends that have a unlimited pokecoins or pokeballs, At first I don’t believe on them maybe it just a troll , but when he show to me his account , there a lot of pokecoins and pokeballs , he said he just got it for free on the internet. He said that he just searching for pokemon go freebies and there are a lots of website , he tried it one by one but only one website is really working the fbgamesonline , he said. So I think i should give a try to play this game and when I become strong on this , i can sell my account for sure to other players, will play this game soon. You can now try to check your zodiac signs guys and share it also to your friends.


Get your Freebies For Hay Day Now!

hay day free diamonds

Hi , today I have explore a new game on facebook that have a lots of players, It is become popular now a days and it can be play by any of ages.  So i give a try playing this game on my facebook. At first , I thought this is just boring for me, but I gave a try. So after playing it for 1 hour, I feel that this is also a great game , I invited my friends and relatives on facebook to play it also , so we can make a request a stuffs on the game and give the request also for the one who needs it.  I play the game for straight 6 hours, I enjoy using the diamonds, and it became 0, So I try  to check the google if I will be able to have a free diamonds on the hay day. At first , i cannot see a legit one and there is no reviews for the free diamonds. I keep on searching on the google,bing,yahoo. Almost i try to look on the search engine and finally I found out a website that there are a lots of reviews and it is easy to follow the instructions for me to be able to get the diamonds. It said that for us to be able to get the free diamonds we need to verify ourselves that we are not a bot so that it will not be abuse by the other members or bot. That is correct we need to verify it first , so by answering a short survey you will proved you that you are a real human , you just need to input all correct information for you to be able to get the free diamonds in hay day. So I have successfully answer ,after 2-3 minutes it redirects me on my hay day account and upon checking on the diamonds , its already credited on my account, that was so fast. thanks hay day.

Working Pokemon Go Free PokeCoins Get it Now!

Pokemon Go is now the trending game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites on the internet. You know I am really a fan of Pokemon , when I was a kid , I play this game on my gameboy, my mother don’t buy me a new game if I will not always sleep on the afternoon , So what I did , I always sleep on that time , so she buy me a new version for the pokemon. Today I realize that I am really happy having a mother like mom , who always give what I want , Now there is a new game of Pokemon today and you can play it for FREE. I hurry up to download this game on my phone , this is the best game that I see on my life where you need to have an internet connection and you need to move so that the character on your phone will be able to move also. I sign up to have a plan on my phone , for me to be able to have an internet connection anywhere and I will be able to hunt some Pokemon. I try it first on our places , malls, and also when I travel I found some rare pokemon which I will be able to hunt them , One time I don’t have anymore pokecoins, try to search on the internet if I will be able to found,but guess what , I have successfully got a pokemon go free pokecoins . I got it and use it to hunt more Pokemon. This help me to lower my fats by just walking hehe.